I have always loved exercise and training but about a year ago I found myself a bit lost! I decided to sign up for a little 4 week challenge to see what I could do in 4 weeks – and quite frankly, Martin is an absolute legend. Not only has he tailored each and every training programme to my needs but he has researched my sport, listens to my feedback and adapts to make sure that I get the most from it! Each session I know that I have been pushed to my limits to achieve more than I thought i could. In between sessions, martin has always been there for advice and tips to keep me on track!
I am really pleased with the results so far and I am looking forward to the next stage!
And the best thing about all this is that Martin is a fantastic human bean who genuinely cares and makes you feel better about yourself.
Summing it all up: legend!
Thanks Martin

Rachy Hulla Trevarthen - 5 stars

I started personal training with Martin less than 3 months ago, and the change with my body had been amazing! I actually have definition, I feel stronger and I’m definitely feeling holiday ready! The work outs have always been fun, Martin is always massively helpful and pushes you when you need it most (especially when you moan about doing everything ) Thanks so much Martin, I’ve achieved what I hoped for, despite still consuming a huge amount of pizza and prosecco along the way

Loredana Francis - 5 stars

Martin has completely changed my outlook on exercise, I thankfully now love being in the gym. Glad to know what is best for me and what I should be doing when training on my own. Martin is unbelievably motivational every single session which is so helpful. Circuit class is also a great laugh but always always working hard. So glad I began training with GPT

Victoria Megan - 5 stars

I have been training with Martin once a week for about 6 months now and have been so pleased with the progress I’ve made. I had the pleasure of having Martin to myself for one 2 one boxing/circuits and they have been the hardest but most enjoyable workouts and have seen an improvement in my strength & cardio. A real motivator who pushes you to your limits to ensure goals are exceeded in class. Also creates a great environment in class no matter what level your at. Wouldn’t swap my Monday nights for anything. Thanks martin!

Alf Micciche - 5 stars

Having had two babies within a short amount of time where I separated my tummy muscles (badly!) and my wedding approaching, I needed to do something to get back into shape. I have spent nearly 5 months having PT sessions with Martin and I now feel happy in my wedding dress! Martin is really knowledgeable and really keeps you focused. I have learnt a lot from him- both gym-work and diet. Friendly guy and gets the results. Def recommend to anyone looking for PT, well worth the money. Thanks Martin.

Jen Hutchings - 5 stars

I have been training with Martin for around 5 months and for someone who doesn’t like exercise have really enjoyed the sessions and even attend Martin’s circuits class!

It’s something different every week and I’m pushed to achieve new personal bests all the time and I have clear results!

Nothing is ever to much to ask for Martin and he is happy to give his knowledge on nutrition and diets whenever you need to know.

I would definitely recommend Goldsworthy Personal training

Ellie Marshall - 5 stars

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