Goldsworthy Personal Training

Special Offer

One to One Personal Training (£30 hr / £140 for 5hrs / £250 for 10hrs)

One to one personal training offers you a professional & respectful experience towards your health and fitness goal. If you are not comfortable in the gym environment gym, lost for advice, or have no idea where to start, you can experience a one-hour personal training session in or outside the gym. Personal training is proven to give results, with my experience and expertise, I can give you the right knowledge and support to get you results.

Couple Personal Training (Contact me for a price)

Couple personal training is made for couple’s, friends or team mates to get fit, gain lean muscle or to lose weight together (it’s also cheaper). Depending on both of your personal goals, I can tailor a personalised programme to follow so it meets both your needs. Couple training is fun, functional, hard work, but also highly rewarding because you both get the same benefits of increase fitness levels, weight loss, confidence, and you both get to support each other through your short/long term goals.

3-5 Group Personal Training (Contact me for a price)

Group Training is great fun to get active & feel healthy again. You can team up on each other, have little healthy competitions & also work hard together whilst feeling the benefits of exercise again.  Being in a group environment can make you feel relaxed whilst taken part in a personal training session, because there is more than one of you, you can feel more relaxed with friends or family. Group training can be taken inside or outside of the gym, depending on what you are looking for, personal training sessions are always designed to be fun.

Exercise Programmes (£30)

Exercising are tailored programmes made to challenge your body and give you amazing results. Each programme to designed towards your personal goal, fitness level and experience. Working together to decide which programme will be best suited for you, to help your body burn calories and change shape. If you are not challenged, your body will not change, you won’t lose weight or gain the muscle mass you desire. Following a plan that gives you structure, guidance and focus in the gym session so you are not playing the guessing game in the gym.

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